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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Student, do leave me a testimonial on this post's comments. Your support is appreciated. Thank you. Happy Driving.
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  1. Uncle Kan was my instructor at BBDC, he is a very experienced instructor he knows what the TP examiner look out for. Thus giving advice on ways to improve my driving techniques and avoid losing points in the test. Things that he commented on my driving has helped me improve greatly.

    Under his guidance I have passed my driving test on the first try. It's all thanks to his patience, comments and the things that he taught me. Uncle Kan gives clear instructions and advice on ways to improve driving. He is also a very jovial instructor, having a driving
    practice aren't that boring anymore. He might be strict at times on my driving techniques but that's what help me improve and not commit the
    same mistakes again.

    With his teaching experience in BBDC as well as those times that he started teaching driving way before he join BBDC you would definitely have a higher chance of passing your driving exam.

  2. I was Mr Kan's student at BBDC in 2009,and passed my TP test in class 3A at the very first attempt.I definately attribute my success to Mr
    Kan's very patient approach in teaching me.He was very understanding of the fact that I was extremely nervous and he was good at building
    up my confidence in handling the car even in heavy traffic conditions.He has the ability to handle students of any age because he has had so many years of experience in dealing with different types of people.Above all,it is his unfailing patience,kindness and consideration that make his teaching skills invaluable.I would unhesitatingly recommend that anyone wanting to acquire good driving skills should learn from Mr Kan.Thank you Mr Kan,and best wishes in your career.
    Your grateful student,
    Asha Thayer

  3. Mr Kan was my instructor at BBDC in 2009. It was all due to his experience and patient guidance that I was able to pass my driving test at the very first attempt.

    I truly agree with Wai Ting that Mr Kan knows what the TP examiner is looking out for, thus helping me to avoid penalty points in the test. Furthermore, from his experience, he is also aware of the many common mistakes that students will make, and made an effort to teach me how to avoid such mistakes.

    Mr Kan also took a very proactive approach in teaching. This is because when he saw mistakes that other learner drivers have made while driving along, he would point out to me not to make the same mistake.

    He is also very resourceful and taught me to deal with the many kinds of situation that I met while driving such as the different kinds of corrective actions for parking.

    I have really learnt and improved a lot from his constant useful comments, and of course, I have enjoyed the driving lessons with friendly Mr Kan=D Thus, I would like to recommend Mr Kan as a driving instructor to anyone who would like to take up driving in Class 3A.

    Last of all, thank you Mr Kan and all the best!=)

  4. Me too passed on my 1st attempt. Mr Kan is a very experienced and patient instructor and funny too which makes driving less boring. I actually forked out extra $5 to be under Mr Kan's guidance throughout my course at BBDC.

    Yes he was very strict with me that was because i made the same mistake over and over again. i learnt not to do it after that. it made me remember.

    I actually had a bad experience with a private instuctor prior to BBDC and wasted so much money but i know Mr Kan is unlike those inexperience and lousy private instructors out there who just want the money. Mr Kan has a sense of responsibility and the best part is he has been with BBDC so he knows what it takes to pass the test. My my husband even came personally to thank him after i passed despite his busy schedule.

    I would highly recommend Mr Kan to anyone who wants to learn or new to driving because he is that good!

  5. Mr Kan was my instructor when I started learning my 3A in BBDC in late Feb 09. "Lao Shi" (Teacher)is a very experienced instructor who make sure that I know everything a driver should know in great detail. He would point out the common mistakes made by students and would repeatedly remind me when I perform the same mistake. He mede sure that I practice my weaker points often. "Lao Shi" also make sure I know the importance of safety and being a responsible driver while on the road. Because of "Lao Shi" well taught lessons, I passed my driving in my 1st attempt in early June 09.

    Thank you very much, Lao Shi!

  6. I was Mr.Kan's student in 2009(sept). Passed my class 3A in the very first attempt. Mr.Kan is a very patient instructor. Whenever I couldn't do well in parking, he did not scold, instead he will always has the patience to correct my mistake whereby sometimes I will make the sae mistakes again and again. Mr.Kan has been teaching for so many years which make him an experience instructor. And also, when other learners made mistake while driving, he would point out so that I will not make the same mistake. I would recommend Mr.Kan if you are finding class3A instructor.

    ThankYou Mr.Kan. :)

  7. I'm also the one passed the Class 3A in the first attempt(just passed yesterday). Except the merits about Mr. Kan appraised by others, I'd like to highlight 2 ponits which the very basic essentials: 1)Professional, unlike other part-time private instructors, Mr. Kan is a full-time instructor who can concentrate on his career with enthusiasm and patience. 2) Economical, compared with those (like my friends)take lessons at driving centre, they spent at least $2,000-$3,000 to get the licence. But I only spent about $1,600. Off course, it denpends how many lessons you taken. But the rate is definitely less than the Centre and you needn't face to different instructors with different teaching patterns that confuse you. So based on the two points, I strongly recommend you a good instructor - Mr. Kan

  8. Mr Kan is very patient and professional as a private instructor. Unlike a previous instructor I had at YCK, who reads papers/talks on the phone/eats during my lessons, Mr Kan was fully alert while I drove, taking note of all my mistakes and giving valuable tips. His enthusiasm and easy demeanour just makes the driving experience so much more enjoyable. If you are cost-conscious/dread driving/have had bad experiences with driving instructors, I'd highly recommend Mr Kan for he is one of the rare few that truly wants the best for us.

    Thank you Uncle Jeffrey - I'm a first-timer and I passed!!

  9. Uncle Kan was being referred by my uncle. I had bad experience with my previous driving instructor but fred not uncle was very different. He is really patient and would never fail to give me important advices like what should I look on while driving on the road or in the circuit.

    Under his guidedance I passed my driving test on 9th April on the very first attempt with a dermit point of 8. Uncle will point out the important thing that I should take note which also helped me while I'm driving on the road now.

    Thank you Uncle~


    Ecstatic after passing my Class 3A driving licence yesterday (3 May 2010), I called my instructor and shared with him the good news ahead of my family.
    My instructor who has made this possible is “Lao Shi” Mr Jeffrey Kan!

    Lao Shi was recommended to me by another instructor and I am one of his ‘1st’ batch of students after he left BBDC for private instructing.
    Having failed in my first test attempt (read: demoralized and disheartened), I was explicit in laying my expectations to Lao Shi that – 1) I need a VERY patient instructor who does NOT raise his voice 2) I must have at least 2 circuit lessons at BBDC since I was denied circuit training before. Recalling our first conversation, Lao Shi must have felt “intimidated” by my assertiveness.

    I was very glad to know that Lao Shi was an ex instructor with BBDC, which meant he knew exactly what the TP examiners look out for during tests. Lao Shi is systematic, with appointment cards in place and even a plastic holder for my PDL! Lao Shi’s affable nature put me at ease during our lessons. Knowing it was my second attempt, Lao Shi took no chances and corrected all my initial “bad habits” and was strict in reinforcing the safety aspects. He was generous with tips on driving techniques, and would go around the key “stumbling” routes highlighting the common mistakes and how to avoid them during the test. His constant reminders helped improve my driving, which bit by bit stepped up my confidence level in handling diverse road conditions. I will remember Lao Shi’s teachings and apply them when on the road.

    To Lao Shi– Xie Xie Ni !!!!!! (*Thumbs Up* and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)

    Teo Hann Hyun

  11. On the 21st April I passed my Class3(Auto) driving test on my FIRST attempt after about 20hrs of driving lessons with Mr Kan.

    Mr Kan is very patient, never gets angry and never gets tired of repeating the same thing over and over again.

    I was laden with bad habits from a few years of previous driving which made it more difficult for me to learn.

    The best thing about him as an instructor is that he is VERY aware and updated on what the testers are looking for and what mistakes I should avoid in order to pass.

    During my test, this proved invaluable as it seemed that some of my lessons were more difficult than the test.

    I also remembered his nagging and did my best to avoid my usual mistakes.

    The only regret I have is that I wish I had more practice in the actual test circuit for the added confidence.

    Overall, I definitely recommend him as a driving instructor and I also advise his students to bring a light cardigan with them because the aircon in the car is a bit strong at times :)

    Thank you very much Mr Kan for getting me through one of life's little hurdles! On my first lesson I told you that i only want to take the test once and I did it! I have also received my driver's licence photocard yesterday.

    Best wishes and success to you.

  12. I was with Mr Kan for 2 months plus to 3 months and i gt my lic. Thanks to him.. i pass on my 1st attempt. He was a patient instructor. He will point out my mistakes and guide me. He will also tell me what are the tester expectations. And he even provide a plastic holder to keep my PDL. From this point, u can tell he is a meticulous instructor. U won't be wrong if u pick him as ur instructor. (: & thanks Mr Kan.

  13. I was with Mr Kan for 3 months. Started on 18 Feb 2010 and ended on 18 May 2010. Thanks to his patient teaching. I passed my TP test (yesterday) at the very first attempt.

    Haha ...
    I remember, he always said I love to rush. Meaning didn't check blind spot and just move on. Opps ~ No law driver.

    He will point out the important point on the road as well as your mistake. Try to remember. Cos it definitely helps you !

    He even provide a plastic holder to keep your PDL.
    I bet, every of his students receive one as well. =)

    Overall, You won't be wrong to pick him as your instuctor.


    All the best to his students too.

  14. I passed my driving test today!!! so happy!!! it s just my first attempt..

    All of that i need to thank Mr. Kan, my dearest Lao Shi. :) I followed him to learn driving from a very beginner, i havent know anything about car before. With his patient and professional teaching technique, and also followed his suggestion to take the test at SSDC(woodland) where is new and more easy to buy ticket to try the circuit here... finally i passed the test!!!

    Like all other people said above, he is a really nice person and professional instructor!!! He always teaches me to built correct driving habit and how to pass the test. It is a correct and best choice to learning driving from him!!

    Thank you again Mr. Kan!! :)

  15. I passed my driving test on a first attempt. Mr Kan is a very nice instructor who teaches with enthusiasm and pin-point every mistakes you made to help you on your driving. I was with another instructor for almost 3 months and have learnt nothing much until I change to learn with Mr Kan. In just 2 months plus with him, he made me realise and corrected all my mistakes which my previous instructor did not even point out to me. I'm very glad that I've choosen him.

    Thanks alot Mr Kan and all the best! =)

  16. Good Day ! I passed my TP test 1st attempt ! Well, I started learning since 31/01/10 with Mr Jeffrey Kan. Eversince, he taught me a lot, giving tips, nurtured my skills and best of all building confidence in me to pass the test. Non-stop encouragements, corrective measures were poured to me despite my slow gearing-up the correct, perfect way of driving. Great to have him as my Instructor but infact I would rather say as 'Shi Fu' because he is very very very patient. At the end of the day of 05/07/10 I meet the success ! And not to forget to Mr Tay for the last 2 lessons, you are cool man ! Lastly to all learners; strive hard, pray hard and good luck for the success.

  17. Mr Kan is a very patient instructor. He rarely scolds and guides accordingly when mistakes are made. The techniques he taught me are very efficient and will ensure you complete the required test (circuit) correctly. He also constantly reminds possible demerit points in the test during lessons, so that you'll remember and correct yourself, and be fully prepared to pass the test.

    I was a very bad student, lacking in technique and safety checks. I took more lessons than the average student, and Mr Kan never scolds or get impatient towards me. He was always patient and encouraged me despite my lack of confidence and sometimes defiant behavior.

    In the end, I passed the test on the first try, all thanks to Mr Kan's help. I am truly grateful to Mr Kan for this as I saved lots of money compared to other instructors or driving schools, and I can fnially drive on the road.

    Thank you Mr Kan!


    P.S. Mr Kan is also very humorous, his lessons are never boring! You'll not regret taking his lessons!

  18. Happy DaY yesterday!!! I passed my TP on the first attempt! I was introduced to Mr Kan for driving lesson in April early this year. Thanks to him I have got my license yesterday, in just 5 mths, with to cost of around $1.4k. This is so much cheaper as compared to school`s price. Thanks for his boundless patience, really. His constant reminders and prompting helps me to polish up my driving skills. At the end of the day, I passed my TP with just 2 mistakes with demerit points of 8. Once again, a big thanks to you, Mr.Kan for the coaching from 12/04/10 to 27/08/10. Very much appreciated! :D

  19. Finally passed my TP today and am absolutely over the moon! Thank you so much Mr Kan for all your patience and teaches! From the time I started learning, I have this bad habit of being so "kan cheong", rushing into things and getting into a panic after. Thanks for constantly reminding me to slow down, process my next course of action, which I remembered today and will alway do... I will definitely recommend Mr Kan to my friends or anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Big props to you Mr Kan!

  20. I am so happy that i have pass my traffic police test on the 1st attempt today.Just sharing the experience with you guys before i start to learn driving with jeffery. I was learning driving with some other instructors, they teach in an unpolite manner and speak rudely to students was a bad experience. After doing some researching online i found jeffery blog.It came so surprisingly that it caught my attention to enroll as a student to him .All thanks to Jeffery Kan for coaching me from 14 oct 2010 to 20 dec 2010. He's a polite , caring , patient and humourous in every lesson and never fails to brighten my day. A very big thank you to u. He's a good instructor i will recommend my friends to him.

  21. Lydia & YichuanJanuary 31, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    Finally passed my d-r-i-v-i-n-g! ha... my bf and me were taught by him! and both of us passed! very patient and alert in guiding us for every lesson. can be quite talkative sometimes.. ha! a very highly recommended driving instructor...! thanks mr kan! :)

  22. First of all, thank u very much Mr Kan. Without your patience and guidance, I wouldnt be able to pass my practical test on first attempt 2 days ago. I will strongly recommend Mr Kan to anyone who is considering to get 3A license via private route. He will not only teach you how to pass driving test but also give some practical and useful tips when u are on the road. Thank you once again!

  23. He's my instructor from Jan 2011 then I passed and got my license on March 2011!

    He's a very patient instructor and also he teach which point to look out for and also all the Tips and Tricks for driving.

    Thank you so much!

  24. Shoooo... Just pass TP. Thank you Mr Kan. I think only you can instruct me successfully to pass TP at first time. Honestly, I am a person reckless, rush and never rule follower without safety consence. It is miracle that I can pass TP at first time. I chose Mr Kan as my private driving instructor because my friend's strong recommend. She said he could keep talking about your error during driving class and give you useful correct tips. That is a truth. So I am prefer a 'noisy' instructor than a quiet one, even though you will feel a little bit of upset for re-occured error blamed by Kan. I like more driving in the circuit than on the road. I only deduct 4 point on vertical parking for the reason of failure to confirm safety. This is due to different standard between instructors. My test instructor think we need to keep eyes at back see throught from shoulder all the time when you reverse with the wheel in the middle. But I only turn my head one time. But on the road, I am too nervous to drive properly. I forgot to signal and fail to switch off signal. Mr Kan always scold me about this. But I repeat it during test. Luckily, my test instructor give me a PASSED. At last, thank you Mr Kan again, I would not pass the TP if without your instruction.

  25. Mr Kan is a patient and knowledgeable instructor. He gives direct pointers on driving tips as well as the requirements of the driving test, which helped me to discern and summarise clearly what I need to look out for and remember in order to pass the driving test. He will point out your mistakes and correct you, helping to identify your weaknesses and improve upon them. In every lesson, there was something new to gain, be it a new mistake or repeated one, and this not only helps to condition you for the test, but also your overall driving ability, to be a safer and more stable driver.

    Mr Kan is also an organized and committed instructor. He will ensure that you undergo sufficient lessons to prepare for the test, and will immediately plan the next lesson after your current one ends to ensure that a time slot is allocated to you within a suitable timeframe. I have been able to learn productively under Mr Kan’s tutelage, and I have no doubt that as long as you remember all that he has taught you and apply them correctly, you can be assured of passing the driving test.

    I started lessons with Mr Kan in early April 2011, and had only about a month before my test on 10 May 2011.

    I am glad to say that I’ve managed to pass it.

    I would like to thank Mr Kan for all that he has done for me. Indeed, I will miss those driving lessons with him. If anyone has need of a capable and responsible instructor, you need look no further :)

  26. Hi guys, guess what? I passed TP on first attempt! :D

    Thanks to Uncle Kan over here. You know guys, Uncle Kan is really patient.. Trust me, I made ALOT of mistakes but he's still very patient and point out my mistakes, remind me that I should really never repeat my mistakes.. Even little mistake, he will still correct you and especially for safety. So it's not only you learn how to drive to pass but you learn how to drive safely.

    One main good advantage to have him as your instructor is he constantly correcting your mistakes.

    AND when he corrects your mistakes, he will tell you how much points you might lost from your mistakes.. and that will scare you to not repeat your mistakes :P

    Again, thank you so much Uncle! :)) you motivate me and believe in me! see you around the neighbourhood, Uncle! :D

  27. Just passed my TP today!!!:D All thanks to Mr Kan, without his patience and guidance throughout the past few months, i don't think i'll be able to make it today. Mr Kan is without any doubt an awesome driving instructor! Throughout all the lessons that I have gone through with him, I always learn something new each lesson. Like during lessons, he will point out my mistake on the spot and tell me how many points I would have lost if i had repeated the same mistake during the test itself. He not only taught me techniques required to pass the test, but he also taught me how to be a safe and responsible driver throughout all the lessons. Whats more he's super patient and always encourages me to keep trying. So with all this, i'll definitely recommend Mr Kan to anyone who wants to take up driving!!! DOUBLE THUMBS UP:DDD AND THANK YOU MR KAN FOR ALL YOUR TIME AND EFFORT, REALLY APPRECIATE EVERYTHING!

  28. Dear Mr Kan,
    First and foremost a big THANK YOU to you. Since my first lesson on 13 May 2011 till my Practical Test on 10 Aug 2011, I have mastered 'the art of driving' and hence passing it with flying colours! My co-workers, colleagues and relatives could not believed that I passed my FTT as well as driving test in a period of less than 3 months!
    It was all your patience and guidance that allows me to deserve what I reap today.
    To fellow learners, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Kan for driving lessons. I am very sure to tell all of you that his passion in teaching is what we admire and gain from the most.
    Last but not least, Mr Kan, I wish you all the best in your health. You had really lived up to the chinese proverb of '名师出高徒’!

  29. Hi Mr Kan, Hannah here =) A HUGE THANK YOU for patiently teaching me for the past few months. I know I was not the brightest student in the world.. Keep making the same mistakes again and again and again.. But thanks to your contant encouragements (don't worry you will pass) and patience that I was able to pass my TP for the FIRST TIME today! *so happy*

    To future students, Mr Kan is a passionate, friendly and most importantly patient! Even though a little naggy *oops* but hey without that I think I won't be able to pass on my first attempt =). A funny and friendly dude! *thumbs up*

    Mr. Kan I wish you all the best and I'll definitely see you around..

    ps: If you pop by melb drop me a message =D I'll bring you around

  30. Just passed the test today! i must said thank you to Mr Kan here! without him, i would not pass the exam so easy.

    Mr Kan is a very patience and professional driving master! he understand and remember well all the driving skills that others do not have with his nearly 30 yrs of teaching experience. he will give you confidence, relex, extremely professional driving lessons and clear view of the whole testing process. he will explain to you a lot even when you meet a tiny issues. he is very professional and eager to teach you all the skills. he is even prolix sometimes, but that is all for you good sakes. he is the best master i have met!

    thank you and all the best to you!

  31. Many thanks to Uncle Kan, i have passed my TP at 1st attempt on 15 Sept 2011!!

    i got to know Mr Kan is thru my colleague Sam, Sam he has also passed his TP at 1st attempt last year Oct.

    My 1st lesson with Uncle Kan was on 17 April 2011. At 1st, I find he is a very strict Shi Fu (Teacher), and he has nagged alot... but i think the other way, he strict to me becos he want me to learn, he nag at me becos he want to me remember my mistake and never repeat it again. He did not give up on me, always teach in very patience and correct manner. Besides, he is very punctual and professional Shi Fu.

    Very appreciate his effort, i will remember his teaching.

    i am so lucky to have him be my Shi Fu!! Thank you very much!! From Lee Lai Fong Yuki

  32. If you're an extremely SLOW learner like me, then yes, congrats, you've found the right man!

    Mr Kan is very patient with his students, even if you make the same mistakes over and over again, he won't shout at you, he will just nag like a living sensor that keeps alarming upon every mistake you make, which is good if you're a careless driver like me, and even if you're the most forgetful person on earth, you will remember for sure!!!

    Mr Kan is also an organized and responsible instructor. He will ensure that you undergo sufficient lessons and circuits before you take the test. He also help to plan and arrange lessons for you after the current one ends. But his schedule is very tight (too popular), I'd encourage you to plan like 2 week ahead with him!

    Besides his amazing character, his driving tips and guidelines are really good! If you're the type that can't trust your guard feelings and have to go by "memorising", these would of great help! It's so accurate that you will never go wrong if you follow them carefully!

    PS: Dear Uncle, Thank you so much for your patience and support! Without you, I won't be able to pass on my first attempt! Wishing you prosperity and health!

  33. Testimonial
    Got my lesson today with my first attempt.
    I am a super slow learner when it comes to hand, leg, motion coordination.
    I can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Mr kan has been very patience with me.... Reminding me of my mistakes and at same time making his lessons very enjoyable.

    I used to have another instructor who will raised his voice whenever I made a mistake and I was always very nervous going to his lesson, but I am always looking forward to Mr kan's lessons.

    His teaching techniques is superb too... I actually have ZERO points deducted in the circuit.... Superb right!

    Don't hesitate further, call Mr kan and good luck to you...

  34. Dearest Mr Kan,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement today. Without you I would not have passed my driving test today on my first attempt. I know I was very nervous and worried..only your words of encouragement allowed me to get through today. You were like a father teaching without getting tired even though I kept on doing the same mistakes again and again. You are such a dedicated person. It's really very difficult to find a person like you . 
    You have helped me to achieve my dream within a short period of time. I sincerely thank God for to have been trained by such an experienced, talented,dedicated, sincere person like you. 
    Such a memorable experience I had.  
    Once again thank you so much Mr Kan...

  35. I took the driving test three times with SSDC and failed all three times... So I switched to Mr Kan on my fourth try and I passed on my first private try! I was amazed, and I knew I could not have done it without Mr Kan's help. He helped me believe that I could drive, and despite my nervousness, I remembered all his advice during my test and finally passed. In the short time I learned driving with Mr Kan, I feel like I have learned so much more than I did the previous three tries with the school.
    Mr Kan is an excellent teacher, patient and encouraging. He knows all your weaknesses and will remind you constantly what you need to do to improve as a driver. He has never lost his temper at me despite how silly my mistakes are and instead would laugh about them with me (sometimes) and guide me to the proper way of handling a car. What is most important is that I have carried my lessons with him to the road - I still stick to all the safety rules he taught me and have become a confident yet cautious driver.

  36. I remember NOT going to my test all scared, nervous and shaking. 2 hours before I had my test, Mr Kan brought me around to circuit and road for the very last time. How he tried to instill confidence in me, how he nagged at me for the very last time and how he handshaked my hand, smiled and say "All the best!". I knew that might be the last time I see him.

    I was not nervous when I was sitting in the room, while waiting for the TP officer to call out my name. Because I knew that with enough practices, enough naggings, enough scoldings and enough compliments from Mr Kan, I can go through the test with ease.

    Mr Kan might be pointing out your mistakes again and again and it might demotivate you, but trust me, you will remember it forever. It will deter you from making the mistakes during your test.

    Mr Kan, I still remember how I cried while doing circuit and you comforted me by saying "Dont give up", while tapping my shoulder.

    Thank you Uncle, for putting in your best on every practical sessions that I had. I will never forget you.

    Take very good care of yourself and don't eat prawns, because your eye might be swollen due to allergy!!

  37. Thank you so much for Jeffrey! He is really a responsible instructor that not only explained every point in detail clearly, but also help to built up my confidence. I just passed my road test and can't help to wait to recommend him to all my friends who are looking for private instructor. And I should say private instructor is better than driving school in terms of flexibility n dedicate instructor.

  38. Mr Jeffrey! A big thank YOU to you for my success in getting my
    license at the very first attempt!
    He's one great instructor who is very patient with student like me! I often made careless mistakes and didnt have much confidence for my driving. But he is someone who doesnt lose his faith in me. He patiently taught me, correcting my mistakes and giving me the confidence on the road. He is a GREAT instructor! Thank you once again for your guidance and patience towards me! :))

  39. Mr. Kan is an excellent instructor with proper experience and skill. His instruction was very articulate and helpful for me to perform better for practical test. I began driving practice with Mr. Kan in Jan 2012 and today was my first practice test. His last minute pointers help me pass this test. Great instructor indeed! I receommend students to ask him questions that remain unanswered in textbooks. Thank for very much for your execellent training.

  40. Thanks for all your help Mr Kan, u give me confidence and guide me well to help me get my driving license in just 4 mths.I will remember u as a great instructor,you taught me to believe in myself,and that is what i really need:)

    Last but not least,Mr Kan is a very patient instructor.I'll never forget your kindness.:)

  41. Mr Kan was instrumental in aiding me to pass my TP at the 1st attempt! He is very experience, patient and strict, precisely the necessary ingredients of a good instructor.

    When Mr Kan says you are ready for the TP test even though you feel like you are never gonna make it, just trust him and you will be surprise how prepared you actually are.

    Thank you Mr Kan!


    I pass my test at the 1ST ATTEMPT all thanks to Mr Kan guidance, patience and techniques. I am glad I change my instructor in the middle of the course.

    Your help and guidance in making it possible for me to pass is very much appreciated. I will strongly recommend you to all my friends.

    Thank you Mr Kan!!!

    by Nazriya

  43. Mr Kan is an exemplary instructor who is the perfect mix of patient and strict. He really trains students into performing for their driving test. I managed to pass on my first attempt thanks to Mr Kan.

    He structures your lessons according to your pace - so just trust him. He will arrange everything at your convenience too.

    Thank you for being so awesome Mr Kan! I am really grateful for your guidance.

  44. Teacher Jeffrey definitely is your right choice if you are looking for a private tutor and want to pass your TP just ONE time! With his experiences in BBDC, he definitely could provide you the information of what a TP expect when you are having your TP test. Teacher Jeffrey guide me patiently with every small little detail that I made during my practical lesson. He even plan for your every steps so that you could get your car license without spending so much. He even came out to the effort of making his own unique card for us to know when is our next lesson and how much we had spent in it.

    Dear teacher Jeffrey,
    Thank for you all the guidance and support during my practical lesson and TP test. Frankly speaking, the day of my TP test I had no confidence at all. But all thanks to the 2 hour of practise and the support you gave. I passed my TP! That moment of happiness is very hard to describe. All I know was to be thankful and keep smiling! Haha. Thank you so much teacher Jeffrey!

  45. It has been over a month since i passed my TP test and I cannot thank you enough for helping me do that! And what was more surprising is that I did it on my first try (I expected a lot of attempts before I do pass)

    Mr Kan is a nice friendly uncle who is mindful of the learning course of his students. I was very busy with work and family (and NS!) till I have problems in making schedule for my lessons but Mr Kan was so accomodating and very easy to work with. He even reminded me of my test date after my return from reservist duty and gave me intensive training to pass on my first test when I think I couldnt. I think he has more motivation than I do lol!.

  46. A definite instructor to look for. With his utmost dedication, supervision and patient yet strict guidance, I have passed my Traffic Police test with ease. His advices were that came from the heart and I am grateful to have been his student. Mr Kan has been a good instructor and more so, a mentor. I used to be afraid of driving during peak periods and such but he taught me traits that were to my benefit.

    He is by all means a cheerful, happy-go-lucky person who takes much care in teaching his students. Grateful. I am really grateful.

    Thank you Mr Kan.

  47. If it hadn't been for Mr Kan's firm, yet measured approach to driving, I don't think I would ever have gotten my licence. For that I'll always be eternally grateful to him! I'm prone to panicking when facing unfamiliar situations on the road, but he always assured me and would continuously remind me to keep calm, proceed carefully and respond appropriately to the situation at hand.

    Mr Kan was always reassuring, exceedingly patient and ready to laugh at my mistakes with me, no matter how silly they were and how frequently I made them. The calm and confidence I feel whenever I'm driving now are all thanks to his continuously high standards, dedication and empowering approach to driving.

  48. Mr Kan has been a fatherly figure. Even though there were constant nagging every lesson,the comments are beneficial to my learning. I am glad that I was able to pass my TP on first attempt.

    At times I may feel like giving up after making several grave mistakes, however, he would always smile at me in the end.

    I will definitely recommend this instructor to my peers. Thank you Mr Kan for your guidance!

  49. Thank you Mr Kan for your constant nagging and scolding! If not for your guidance, i wouldn't have pass my driving test on the first attempt. I have to admit that i am a really slow learner but Mr Kan would always encourage me and nag at my mistakes even till the very last minute.

    I have a bad habit of repeating my mistakes and that often anger Mr Kan. Despite that, he would still willingly correct my mistakes (even though i know he's really unhappy). Unlike many other private instructors who will stop by the roadside to do their stuff or read newspapers during the lesson, Mr Kan is nowhere near them, he will make use of the full hour to teach you all the skills he knows.

    All in all, Mr Kan is definitely the instructor to choose if you want to pass your driving test on the first attempt. It was a long journey for me to travel to admiralty for my lessons but it was all worthwhile :)

    Thank you Mr Kan for your constant guidance and may all your students pass their driving test!

  50. Mr Kan, here's a long list of well-deserved thank you's:

    1)Thank you for always believing in me and having faith in me even when I never had that belief in myself.

    2)Thank you for your 24/7 encouragement and motivation. I was such a nervous wreck the first few lessons (and on the day of the TP test) and I kept telling you that I would need many attempts before I pass. Your response : Yor trademark smile and a calm "You can do it. I KNOW you can. " You have no idea how much those words meant to me. You were indeed right : I passed on my first attempt yesterday, after 5 months of training with you.

    3)Thank you for your patience. After a bad experience with a nasty driving instructor who used to scold and shout at my mistakes, making me even more nervous, I remember telling you on our first lesson that I needed an instructor who was kind and patient. You exceeded my expectations : - )
    Everytime I made a mistake, you would calmly tell me how many points I would get if it was the actual day of the test and would give me all the useful pointers to avoid that mistake again .

    4)Thank you for nagging at me all the time: those pointers and tips you gave proved so important and useful on the test day.

    5)Thank you for being so meticulous: right from providing the clear folder for the PDL to coordinating lessons to crafting the lessons based on my pace of learning and weaknesses.

    6)Thank you for knowing the inside outs of the trade. You were able to tell me everything the tester would be looking out for and how many points each mistake is. That cleared up all my doubts.

    7)Thank you for teaching me that safety comes first in driving: not just while learning driving but even after getting the license. I know that all those advice you gave will stick with me for a long time to come.

    8)Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of being a teacher. Being a teacher by profession myself, you taught my invaluable lessons on patience, unfailing encouragement, and helping students overcome their fears throuogh positive reinforcement.

    Thank you Mr Kan for helping me overcome one of my life's little hurdle. You know how scared I was in my first lesson and I have come a long way from there and I credit that all to you. I know that there is still a way for me to go in terms of having the courage to drive in real life without an instructor by my side, but whatever you taught me will always stay in my mind and i will definitely put it into practice.

    To all future students out there, I am confident to say that he is the best instructor out there. You will not regret embarking on this journey of learning driving with him.

    Wishing you all the success and happiness Mr Kan. See you on the road :-)


  51. Thank you Mr. Kan for your guidance on my driving over the past few months! I finally passed the practical test with your help!

    I was previously a Class 3 student at ssdc 2 to 3 years ago and failed twice. I dreaded driving lessons and didn't understand why I couldn't pass at that time. This time, I decided to engage a private instructor and called a few of the instructors with the highest pass rates. Mr. Kan sounded the most approachable and he was able to schedule me a lesson quickly.

    After a few lessons with Mr. Kan, I had a greater awareness of my job in ensuring the safety of everyone around and inside my vehicle while driving. This awareness made me want to be a responsible and good driver...and I started to realize what I was missing when I was learning driving in the school - a good and encouraging instructor who would explain why certain driving decisions/actions are dangerous, what to look out for, what my weaknesses and repeated mistakes are and why/how to correct them. Mr. Kan is such an instructor and I highly recommend him.

    Before my driving test, I knew that even if I didn't pass, I had learnt an invaluable lesson on how to go out of my way (by having the right attitude, being alert, making the right decisions and taking correct actions) to make sure that people around my vehicle can go home safe. Now even after I have passed, I want to continue to improve on my driving for this reason.

    Thank you Mr. Kan, and I wish you all the best (:

  52. Jeffrey, THANK YOU!

    I finally got my license :D
    Failed twice while taking as a student at ssdcl. This made me really demoralized and I put my driving on hold for about 3 years before taking it up again as a private student with Jeff in 2011.

    His patience is amazing! Being a very slow learner, he never lost his cool trying to teach me. His encouragement gave me the confidence to be a better driver. He is cheery and funny which brings more fun to driving.

    Definitely one of the BEST instructors out there!

  53. Mr.Khan,is one of the best instructor to look for. With his advices, supervision and patience yet strict guidance, I have passed my Traffic Police test at the first attempt.I am grateful to have been his student. Mr Kan has been a good instructor and more so, a mentor. I used to be afraid of parking but he taught me traits that were to my benefit. He is also a friendly and cheerful person who takes much care in teaching his students. I am really grateful.

    Thank you Mr Kan for all your support and guidence.

  54. It has been a year since I passed my driving test at first attempt, all thanks to Uncle Jeffrey! Your patience and excellent guidance made my learning journey a smooth and easy one! Thank you!

  55. I just passed my driving at first attempt earlier this afternoon. You will be surprised how smooth the test can be because Mr Kan over prepares every student of his. His techniques are useful and easy to remember. A very dedicated instructor as well who knows exactly your strengths and weaknesses.

    Thank you Mr Kan for all your guidance!!

  56. Thanks to Mr.Jeffrey Kan. I passed my driving test this week in first attempt. I got the confidence in driving within first couple of classes. All the instructors are skilled drivers. But only few are very good teachers. Believe me, Mr.Jeffrey's teaching technique is unique. I know the difference as I had a short learning experienced with another instructor too. he will not only teach you the right techniques but also make you realize your own mistakes. his tips on last few class were very useful for the practical test. after all safe driving techniques are the lessons for life. who teaches you makes the difference. For any new learners my no.1 choice is Mr.Jeffrey.

  57. I just had my driving test yesterday, 26 June 2013. It was my very first attempt and I PASSED! I am really thankful to Mr Jeffrey Kan for all his patience and guidance and especially they time he spent on coaching me.

    He is so friendly and doesn't flare up easily even after rounds and rounds of practices but I still got it wrong. He just guide me step by step till I can get it right.

    I have heard of some other instructors taking the student's time to get a coffee or go for a smoke break and end up taking about 30mins off from the student's practice time, which the time can be used for more practices so I am glad that I have met Mr Kan who does not waste a little bit of time at all and made full use of the whole practice duration to let me practice more. He seldom even take a short toilet break.

    When he feels that you need more practice on certain things, he just make sure you practice till you get it right before proceeding to teach another new thing. I guess these all help me alot and enable many students under him to pass the driving test in the first attempt.

    Once again, THANK YOU MR KAN!

  58. I just took my test a few hours ago and I PASSED! I M SO THANKFUL TO MR KAN! i was under a different instructor for my previous attempts. After recommendation from a fren, i found mr kan and i finally passed after following him for a short period of time! Mr kan is very attentive and helps me learn effectively.

    Mr kan has all the skill and all the techniques! The tester is impressed wif my effectiveness in correction! Mr kan has taught really well. I never learnt so much under my previous instructors before!

    Thank u so much mr kan! So happy! So thankful! U r indeed the best! And most awesome instructor ever!

  59. I just passed my license yesterday and I recommend Mr Kan as your driving instructor! He knows his job wells and executes them well as well. If you are thinking of getting a license and yet afraid, I was there once but don't worry! Very soon you'll be able to excel in it. :) with Mr Kan, you are under good hands! :)

  60. My biggest pleasure to have been taught by Mr Kan. He works out miracle when it comes to teaching driving. I was previously a school student, then I switched to private after a number of failures. I almost decided quitting. Then I got to know about Mr Kan through my friend's recommendation. Only after 18 lessons of driving, I went for my 5th attempt of TP. I PASSED FINALLY! I must say 80% credits goes to Mr Kan, for being patient with me all the time, providing me with necessary knowledge and techniques I lacked the most. Thank you so so so much, passing driving test was like winning a lottery back then, but it HAPPENED! :) THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING MR KAN. Wish you all the best in the future. Stay in touch :)

  61. i just passed the test for my first attempt. so much thanks to mr kan. he is definatly a best and magic instructor. i am alreay 40+ yers, action not like young people, but i can pass just because i am so luck to meet mr kan, which is strongly recomended by my friend. so i will recomend mr kan to allmy friend, his instruction is so useful for my testing, and he will higligted all the important points times by times so that u can estabilish correct drivering habit. i just follwing up all the emphasised instruction he gives and get my licience now. Mr kan thanks so much, you are the best driving teacher, all the best to you.

  62. Yeah I passed my TP test today on my first attempt! Mr Kan thank you so much for your patience with me! Especially also taking time to explain what my mistakes means! That helps me understand what it could mean in the future when I'm on the road! Thank you for correcting all my mistakes once again today to prevent me from making them in the test! And informing what the tester will be looking out for! Will keep in mind and put to practice what you have imparted! Thank you once again and All the best to you Mr Kan!

  63. I passed my test few days ago on my first attempt. Though Jeffery was a little naggy at times but all he said was for our own good. I must thanks him for picking up my mistakes again and again in order for me to take note what a tester really wanna see and what should i take note of when I'm on the road when I'm driving alone. Thank you very much!

  64. I just passed my TP and I would like to express my heart felt gratefulness to Mr Kan and his patience with me. His teaching was really helpful and I really enjoyed each time we are on the road. I have to admit I am not a fast learner and tend to make a lot of careless mistakes, passing the TP is definitely one milestone in my life!

    Thanks so much and all the best to you Mr Kan!
    - Valerie Liu

  65. I PASSED MY TP!! Thank you Mr Kan! =)
    He is the best instructor with experience and great teaching method.. Am so thankful that I met you through your blog. Thank you once againnnn! take care and all the best. ;)

  66. I was so glad that I'd passed my first attempt TP yesterday and I would like really to express my appreciation towards Mr Kan, who had been always so understanding with me throughout my driving lessons with him. Despite the many common mistakes which I always repeat, he would still guide me patiently, never once getting frustrated.
    Mr Kan, being a really observant mentor, does not fail to spot even those tiny flaws in my way of driving, both on main roads and in the circuit. He would remind me not to make those similar mistakes in the future, on top of pointing out to me certain roads where I have to be more cautious when driving.
    His valuable tips to me prior to the TP really did help a lot in being a safe driver and eventually allowed me to pass. All in all, Mr Kan is undoubtedly a very professional and affable driving instructor. Once again, thank you Mr Kan! Do wish you all the best in everything (:

  67. I passed my TP with 10 demerit points omg Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!! All thanks to mr kan☺️ 我学得很慢但是你好有耐心 :'D

    When I started off, I was the opposite of a good driver - I sped fast and had slow reflexes. Mr Kan would constantly nag at me, sometimes I would get frustrated at him because I thought what I did was correct, and he was just being unnecessarily careful. ("mirror blindspot never check, 4 points!" "ah ah ah see la too fast la") That was back then.

    Now looking back, I realized all the methods he taught me were super good techniques, his guide points were accurate and if I really follow it, I couldn't and wouldn't go wrong!!! And I also found his "nagging" extremely useful actually - they turned out to be every thing that the TP tester would penalize for. (Since I went to read the TP demerit mark scheme) what he said were words of caution and he was slowly drilling into my head. Eventually I became extremely careful and a competent and safe driver :)

    Thank you so much!!! I would definitely recommend you to my friends!

    Xin Hoon

  68. Thank you Mr Kan. You were a very patient teacher and I have to agree with the comments below, what you taught is what the TP tester was looking out for too.
    I passed my TP yesterday. 16points tho. 10points gone due to scratching kerb at circuit when i wanted to move off directional change. There and then i can already hear Mr Kan's "ah see la see la... Rushing la.." Heheh.. You are the best Mr Kan. I am definitely recommending you to all my family amd friends!

  69. Feeling awesome & on top of the world!

    Never regretted taking my lessons with Mr Kan. Started on the 30th December 2013 and today, 24th March 2014, I passed my TP!

    Extremely patient and very meticulous instructor. Despite my lack of confidence, he always assures me time and time again.

    Im really thankful and grateful for all his tips and guidance. Really worth every penny and time invested. Thank u Mr Kan!


  70. Im feeling on top of the world right now! After much searching and researching, I decided to take my driving lessons with Mr Kan. And, Im delighted with my choice.

    Started my lessons on the 29/12/13 and got my license today, 24/3/14! Mr Kan is an extremely meticulous and excellent instructor. He will always correct my mistakes and always give his undivided attention when I am driving. I will never forget all his valuable tips, as well as advices when driving in circuit, as well as on the road.

    Despite my lack in confidence, Mr Kan managed to help me overcome that by always accommodating to my requests for more practices. In addition to that, I will always remember him for telling me to always be confident.

    With that, Im delighted that my time and money were well spent by engaging Mr Kan as my PDI!

    Thank you Mr Kan, and all the best! :)


  71. It's been a long journey but I finally made on the first attempt!!! Nothing can describe this feeling.

    Thank you so much Mr Kan for all your tips and encouragements. Before starting, I was so afraid instructors would be very mean and impatient according to all the rumors! But despite all my carelessness and "rushing", Mr Kan is tolerant and reminding! His driving lessons are quite easy going, he is approachable and nice to talk to! =)

    Thank you for assuring me to be confident before the test, I am so glad you were my instructor!

    Victoria Choo

  72. A patient instructor; someone who will make an effort to point out the slightest mistakes made and make you redo again and again till you get it.

    Indeed it has been quite a long journey but it was fulfilling. His constant reminders on road tips and in the circuits have helped alot in helping me pass the test on the first attempt!

    I wouldn't have done it without you, Mr Kan. Thank you so much for your patience and assurance. (:

  73. Passed the test on my first attempt on 22nd April 2014 all thanks to Mr Kan!

    Great teacher I must say - knowledgeable and dedicated.

    Although at times he was extremely strict with me and kept nagging at all my mistakes and bad habits and how I kept repeating the same mistakes all over again, "never check rear mirror, never check blind spot", "never stop at white line immediate failure". But it was the constant nagging that led to me being able to be more aware of what mistakes I usually make and not to do it during the test itself.

    Mr Kan also has great techniques that once followed obediently would result in the test being a breeze.

    Nevertheless, great teacher!(:

  74. I took 4 months of driving lesson and managed to pass the tp test on my first attempt thanks to Mr Kan. He provided me with several valuable driving tips and he is patient in his teaching. Besides, he seldom changes the lesson date/timing and is a reliable driving instructor. Thank you again for helping me with my driving!

  75. A experienced and patient instructor who really knows how to teach his student! He is so experienced that you felt that "just follow him, everything will be alright"! Passed my test in the first attempt all thanks to his advices and reminders again and again! Grateful!! :)

  76. I would like to thank Mr.Kan for his patience to me. He is a very friendly and good driving instructor not only because of his experience, but always remind and point out the mistakes whenever I made. Through these reminders, I improve a lot and passed the driving test on my first attempt, what a miracle! Thank you so much Mr. Kan!
    I would recommend him if you are looking for a private driving instructor.

  77. Passed my test on the first attempt this afternoon and it was only possible under the tutelage of Mr. Kan. Learning to drive can be a daunting endeavour for some (it certainly was for me!) but his approachable and assuring manner helps put one at ease. He knows your strengths and weaknesses and equips you with a whole arsenal of nifty tricks to help you pass your test. Rest assured you will be in good hands! :)

  78. Finally passed my driving test today, all thanks to Mr Kan!
    It was a long journey for me but managed to pass during my 2nd attempt.
    Although each lessons Mr Kan will keep nagging at me & keep on pointing my mistakes but it was through all these constant reminders that i learnt & helped in my passing.
    Thanks Mr Kan for your patience & guidance! :)

  79. Thankyou Mr Kan for your kind patience in teaching me, and always nagging at all my blind spot mirror turning parking etc etc. all the nagging has been worth it cause I passed on my first attempt !!! 谢谢!!

  80. Mr Kan had always been a very patience driving instructor, he will constantly spot your mistakes and correct you on the spot, unlike other drivers whom i heard that will correct you after the end of lesson. I was been nagged at a few times cause of constant mistakes, but nevertheless, he corrects me. Worthy lessons as i passed my riding test in one time. Thanks Mr Kan, i appreciate your effort into making me a good student, Thanks once again.

  81. I passed on my first attempt with only 4 points about insufficient acceleration. Great thanks to Mr. Kan's guidance. He did nag but his nagging helps a lot in preventing you to make mistake in the test. Thumb up to Mr. Kan.


  82. I took my tp today and passed on my first attempt. Mr Kan's patience and guidance throughout helped me a lot. During my revision yesterday, i gave up and did not want to go ahead with my tp. But he told me not to give up and encouraged me. Like what everyone mentioned, he constantly nags and point out your mistakes which really helped. Thank you so much Mr Kan! You're the best!! :)

  83. Took my TP this morning and passed with 8 points on my first try!
    I believe i must've annoyed Mr Kan a lot with my constant ways of doing things opposite of what he instructed. Haha. However he is really patient and will continue instilling(nagggg) the safety and pointers on the road which should be what we're supposed to continue practicing in future.
    Was thoroughly disheartened 2 days ago as i did everything wrongly but I decided to press on with his pointers and fare pretty well today!

    Thank you soooooo much Mr Kan!!!
    Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a PDL.

  84. Passed my tp on the first attempt under Mr Kan's guidance and paitence. I would always get nagged due to my petty mistakes and not being alert on the road. Sometimes his nagging puts me off but its all for my benefit as i was able to overcome this mistakes and got to pass my tp. Thank you for teaching me and telling me tips on how to do well for the test :3

  85. Many thanks to Mr Kan for his patience in teaching me driving, and for constantly tolerating my mistakes and reminding me what I should do instead. I managed to pass on my first attempt yesterday, 7 Nov 2014 :) I would definitely recommend Mr Kan as your Private Driving Instructor! He's very fatherly, and will patiently guide you instead of putting you down when you make mistakes. He's been doing this for many years, so you can trust him!

  86. thx Jeffery!for all the guides and instructions. and for your patience through my learning period. and yes i passed with my first attempt today! i definitely will recommend my friends for ur course!

  87. thx Jeffery!for all the guides and instructions. and for your patience through my learning period. and yes i passed in my first attempt! i definitely will recommend my friends for ur course!

  88. Thank you for the guiding me to pass with the first attempt :) Through your nagging, i remember all those steps clearly in my head. I will introduce my friends when they need driving instructor :)

  89. Mr Kan is a very capable instructor. Previously I had been under a private instructor at BBDC but failed very badly on my first attempt. I left for my studies overseas soon after but arranged to retest during my vacation. Even though the timing was very tight (had only three weeks to retrain and retest), I managed to pass on my second attempt! Mr Kan is very patient and affable and you will learn much under him. Thanks Mr Kan!

  90. If you are looking a driving instructor that is professional, experienced, patient and dedicated, you're on the right page.

    To boast on his behalf a little, he has a passing rate of 67% while most instructors in Singapore have an average passing rate of 20-30%. Go ahead, Google "private instructors driving rate"

    He gives clear instructions and teaches useful methods which are easy to follow. As long as you follow his pointers, passing is a definite. He is strict yet humorous and very encouraging, which make the lessons enjoyable. Though he nags ALOT (HAHAHAH), but I find that it is the nagging that helped and made a difference.

    AND OF COURSE, THANKS TO THE AWESOME MR KAN, I being a bimbotic female, passed my driving test on my first try!!! I'm so glad that I have met him as I believe I wouldn't have passed on my first attempt if not for him. Thank you for your kind guidance Mr Kan!!! Wishing you best of health, stay cute and funny and I'll miss you so much!!!

  91. Mr Kan is definitely your choice of instructor. Did some research before I decided on him and I did not regret my choice.
    He is very knowlegable and has the right attitude in teaching.
    Price-wise, so much cheaper than school and you are able to drive on the road on the first lesson.
    You may count on my words as I passed as a clumsy female first attempt.
    Bear the nagging and you will make it under him!

    Thank you very much, Mr Kan!!

  92. I started taking lessons with Mr Kan because of his high passing rate and I totally understand why! He nags with his signature "ah ah ah..." But he talks to the point and make you understand where you went wrong. His pointers are easy to understand and with sufficient practice you won't go wrong. He also prepares you sufficiently so you feel prepared for your test. Passed on first attempt with 8 points and definitely recommending him to others.

    Thank you Uncle, all the best and good health to you! :)

  93. I passed my driving 3 days ago on the first attempt!
    I got to know Mr Jeffery through my cousin, who also passed on the first attempt.

    He is a very patient teacher, and would never lose his temper whenever I made repeated mistakes, and would never sound/look "sian" despite having to teach so many students.

    He is always very alert while on the road. He would point out my mistakes, tell me the demerit points if I were to make this mistakes on the test, which made me more aware of what I shouldn't do.

    I remember I had one last lesson right before my test and he knew my "pattern" so he wanted to test me one last time to see if I was near the kerb, I would immediately turn out - I did, and i mounted the kerb :( BUT this mistake saved me from mounting the kerb DURING the actual test, so thank you Mr Jeffery hahaha.

    Kinda naggy at times but hey, that was what gotten me my license on the first try!

    I'd definitely recommend him

    Good luck! :)

  94. I just passed the practical driving test on the first attempt last Friday. Many tks to Jeffrey, he is a very experienced & patient instructor. I will not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to learn driving.

  95. Is my happy day because I just pass my practical driving test today on the first attempt as i never believe myself i appreciate to Mr Kan about your patience to me although I always made a same mistake, my careless and always blur blur de..many thanks for your guidance and your encouragement to me when I almost lost my confidence during my test time. .i will highly recommend you to my friends if they need a driving instructors. .once again, thank you Mr Kan

  96. Thank you Mr Kan for helping me to pass my test! I had really low confidence as I failed twice already under a different instructor. But Mr Kan was really good as he could teach me in english as my chinese is not so good so I couldn't understand my ex instructor sometimes. Also, he is very alert and will immediately point out your mistakes and how to correct them immediately. He remembers the mistakes you always make and will keep on teaching you how to improve them. During the practice before the test, he will go through the important points that you often make mistakes so that you will remember them during the test. Thank you Mr Kan for helping me to pass my TP and I only wish that I had met you earlier :)

  97. I always thought driving would be easy, especially if I am learning automated. But this wasn't the case.

    I remembered I had the hardest time learning Crank & "S" Course, so much that I wanted to give up learning. But he never gave up teaching, and were always willing to point out my mistakes repeatedly, until I was able to correct them.

    Without him, I would not have pulled through or even take the driving test. And now, I have passed my driving test on the first attempt. Many Thanks to Mr Kan, who never stops encouraging me, and were always so patience with me.

    I will definitely recommend him to my friends :)

  98. A very good/friendly driving instructor with patience and good temper.

    I remembered I have little confidence when learning on the road and making similar mistakes at the circuit on almost every lessons. He will always repeat and guide me to the correct ways with zero temper.

    His lessons rates are reasonable.

    definitely will recommend to everyone.

    thank you Mr Kan for your kind guidance and patience throughout my lessons.

  99. Driving seems easy to most people but not for me. Parking and reversing are the most challenging part for me.

    Jeffrey has been a great instructor! Thank you for the guidance for the past 5 months. Following his instructions will make sure that everything is guided well and in place. He will make sure that i had enough practice before the TP test and keep emphasizing the areas to look out for and not to be careless.

    I passed my TP test within 1 attempt today!!! A very patient and professional instructor. Although sometimes I keep make the same mistake, he makes sure that we remembered it the next time when we practice it again.

    I'll definitely recommend to my friends to learn from him!

  100. I passed my driving test today! Many many thanks to Mr Kan for his guidance and encouragement throughout my learning journey.

    Mr Kan is very meticulous in his teaching. He emphasises on good driving habits such as checking of blind spots, being alert and thinking ahead right from the very first lesson. When you make mistakes, he will remind you in a strict but encouraging tone. Lastly, he is professional, punctual and his car is always clean and well maintained.

    I definitely recommend Mr Kan to anyone who want to take up driving! :)

    Helen Tay

  101. After failing after a few attempts at the SSDC school I nearly gave up driving but Mr Kan change my outlook and give me the confidence again and I pass my driving today under his patience teaching. Thank you Mr Kan, you have no idea how grateful I am. I will recommend any one who is looking for a instructor to call Mr Kan.

  102. I passed TP in one attempt and I credit it to Mr Kan's patience. He gave me multiple lessons and full attention prior to my TP. We had lessons three days consecutively and that helped a lot. His vast experience also helps as he is able to tell me what mistakes I am making and correct me on the spot. He is also pretty encouraging.

    Learning from Mr Kan is also cost effective as when I had problems with S-course and Crang Course, he made me practice it in a public area rather than paying heftily for the circuit.

    Overall positive experience!

  103. Thank you Mr Kan!!! :-)

    I found him from the site where they showed all the passing rates of the PDIs & his rates was one of the highest, coupled with decent number of students that have been tested. Then I googled his name and chanced upon this blog, which the comments led me to engaging him as my PDI. No doubt, those comments describe exactly the kind of lessons you will get.

    Without him, I won't be able to pass my driving test on the first attempt!!
    He's really (I meant really HAHA) naggy and very straight forward in correcting your mistakes. I'm those that don't born with a driving talent and I ALWAYS make the same mistake over and over again that he have to keep correcting them every single lesson even till the day of my test. It's so amazing that he can actually remember your mistakes etc despite having so many students. Not forgetting my horrible parking skills, he even managed to notice my mistake that led to the forever-cannot-park-properly problem. He's really very very experienced and I never regret engaging him as my PDI.

    Private instructor like him are equally as good as school's, perhaps even better. The process of getting your license is also faster than school & its cheaperrrrrr!!! So if anyone is looking for a PDI and is reading this, please do engage him as your PDI!! =) cos he can make a bad driver like me to pass on first attempt!! :-)

  104. To keep it short: if you want to pass your auto car driving test in woodlands test centre, the first thing you need to do is to call Jeff and start your journey to your driving dream.

  105. 谢谢mr kan!!! From the beginning, ive always thought ive inherited bad driving skills. Good drivers dont run amongst the females in my family haha. But with the help of Mr kan, he taught me the techniques and kept reinforcing them over and over again. He often berated me over the same few mistakes and I would get really beaten up about it. As a temperamental person, dealing with his criticism made me feel really unconfident of passing and possibly made me a difficult student to teach. I have trouble dealing with criticism and Mr kan's scoldings did not make me feel great after every lesson.

    However, i continuously took down his notes after every lesson and made sure I remembered them. Mr kan, i am sorry I am such a difficult student and I thank you with every ounce of my heart for grilling me every lesson! I am still reeling in shock that I passed on my first try! I even offered to hug the tester! I will gladly recommend mr kan to any student out there. He is worth every dollar and effort!

    Mr kan, you will always be remembered and I definitely owe you a favour as promised if i pass hahahaha.

  106. Thank you Mr Kan!

    I passed my TP on my first attempt. I thank God for such an experienced and responsible driving instructor in Mr Kan.
    I'm currently studying in Australia and decided to take my test in Singapore as it is much faster to get a license here. When I approached Mr Kan with my situation, he was very understanding and helped to plan lessons out for me. I took a few lessons in January and the remainder in July before my TP on 23/07.

    Mr Kan could tell that I struggled with circuit lessons and he planned out more circuit lessons for me. He is so experienced that he can pinpoint any weaknesses students have, such is his experience in instructing. He roughly knew how many lessons I require to take before the test.

    Mr Kan also knows how to help you improve. For my first 2 circuit lessons, I had mounted the kerb (immediate failure) twice in each lesson. After 2 weeks, during my TP, I had 0 demerit points from circuit.
    He does not raise his voice and his constant nagging makes you a safer and more conscientious driver. He knows exactly what testers are looking out for.
    His high record of 71.25% first time passing rate is testament to his excellent and patient teaching. I highly recommend Mr Kan if you want a smooth learning experience! Thanks again Mr Kan!

  107. I passed my driving test on my first attempt! All thanks to Mr Kan! He has been patient and progressional, often commenting on my mistakes umpteen times so that I will learn and remember. I would definitely recommend him!! Thank you Mr Kan(:

  108. Passed my driving test today on my first attempt. He is a very experienced driving instructor, would recommend him to all. He kept on reiterating my mistakes and make sure i correct it during the test. Thank you Mr.Kan!!!

  109. Guys I pased my tp on second attempt but it's all my carelessness the first time that I mount kerb while coming out of the vertical Parking .
    However mr Kan never give up on me and also encouraged me to take the test again 2 weeks later and I passed ! He remembers your bad habits and practice your weak points like for me is I can't park straight , so he gives very good guidance and keeps practicing your mistakes .
    A sure go to if you want to pass your 3A test 😄

  110. Mr Kan is an encouraging and patient teacher. His constant reminders and pointers on the road made me more aware of my mistakes. He lets you experience the roads and when you made any errors, he will correct you on the spot. Sudden quizzes by him on the circuit and on the road on what to look out for made me more aware of what I did was correct or incorrect, and be able to adjust my driving from there. Using his tips and formulas on the circuit and road, I was able to pass on my first attempt and within the time frame that I told him I needed to get my licence by. Thank you Mr Kan for being an awesome teacher and believing in me to pass gave me the confidence I needed on my test day. - Natalie

  111. Thank you Mr Kan for your guidance! You are very patient, friendly, tolerating (my excuses on my mistakes) and encouraging!! The constant practices at the roundabout boost my confidence in doing the S course totally!

    #1 rule: Just do whatever you are told and you will never go wrong!!!!

    Check out his list of students, most of them are one time passers including me today!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MR KAN!!!! I can never thank you enough. I will miss you. See you again!!!

  112. I just passed my driving test today. Thanks to Mr.Kan for his patience and guidance. I will recommend to any one who is looking for instructor to call Mr.Kan. Once again, thank you!

  113. Mr Kan is an experienced instructor who is well aware of mistakes that students tend to make, and quick to point them out to me. He personalized my learning schedule, ensuring that I got enough practice on the roads before starting circuit practice, and when nearing the TP he scheduled more circuit lessons for me. He remembered the mistakes that I always made and purposely tested me by driving to those places. He knew that my lack of confidence was my biggest issue, and doing so really helped in building confidence as I got the hang of driving! I also liked how he prepared me for the test by telling me what would (and could) happen at each point of the circuit, blindspots and mirrors to check before exiting the school and going onto the roads, and where exactly to park at the end of the test. It gave me a good idea of how the test would proceed, which gave me a clearer mind during the test.

    Thank you Mr Kan for being ever so patient, even when I repeatedly made mistakes and made you doubt if I was listening to you! I've learnt to trust your words and just follow your instructions to never go wrong. My pass on my first TP attempt is all thanks to you!! :)

  114. Thank you Mr. Kan for helping me with my driving. I was originally under another driving instructor who didn't teach me how to check blind spot and I didn't get enough practice in the circuit though i went for 20 plus lessons with this instructor. But with just 11 lessons with Mr. Kan, he taught me everything and he was very thorough. Though he may very naggy, it helps when you're taking the test because you can imagine what Mr. Kan will say next and you'll be more cautious. I passed with 12 points today. THANKS MR. KAN!!!


  115. Mr Kan is a good instructor who never fails to remind you of the important things to look out for while driving. Every instruction that he gives is specifically catered to help you pass the test. Overall, he's an instructor that I would recommend.

  116. Thank you Mr Kan as without you, I would not have my license today. Very patient instructor even when sometimes I commit same mistakes again and again. But I passed today on my first attempt with 8 points and I cannot credit Mr Kan enough for his tutelage.

  117. Uncle Kan is a really good instructor with full experience and patience. After 5 times failed before ,I feel I am very lucky to meet him and under his instructions.
    He showing how is the way to drive Safty and always cheersful.
    I don't feel any uncomfortable even though he nagging me after I make same mistake again and again .��
    And here I wanna thank my tester Mr Muhamad. He is one of the best also.he make me feel very relax and comfortable. He is helping you with his kind and patience .
    Thanks all with many appreciate.

  118. I wanna thank uncle Kan very much . After failed 5 times test,I feel I am very luck to meet him and under his instructions.
    He is full experience and good tamper with good patience.
    I don't feel any depress and uncomfortable even though he nag me after I keep making same mistakes again and again.
    That's what we as student looking for .
    Thank your very much Mr Kan with millions of appreciation.

  119. Passed my driving test on the first attempt thanks to Mr Kan. I am a slow learner and very prone to careless mistakes but thanks to his constant reminders I managed to gain confidence for the test. He's really an excellent and experienced instructor and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

  120. Brilliant and patience private instructor. Pass at first attempt, all due to his good teaching.

  121. Mr Kan is a very experienced instructor who is familiar with the mistakes students tend to make. He may nag a lot but never ever scolded me, and these reminders will serve u well during TP and after u get your licence. Even though he has a lot of students, he took note of the mistakes i made specifically at which junctions. Thanks to him I got my licence on my first attempt!

  122. I wanna thank Mr Kan for his guidance and patience! There were many times when I made mistakes but he would still be patient with me. Towards the end, he was also very encouraging even though I kept making the same mistakes! I really think that Mr Kan is a very good and experienced instructor! I would definitely recommend him to my friends! Thanks to Mr Kan, I passed my driving test! :) Thank you Mr Kan! I'm so grateful for all the lessons and your patience!

  123. Thank you Mr Kan, with you I have passed my tp for the first attempt. Really thankful to you! Hi, guys, if you are still looking around for private instructor, Mr Kan is your first choice.. Cheers

  124. 谢谢老师!I passed my driving test on a first attempt today:) I would like to thank Mr Kan very much. He is very nice, experienced and patient instructor.He always point out my mistake immediately so I can learn and remember from it. He was so nice and patient even I make same mistake over and over again.Thank you teacher Kan.I will definitely recommending you to my friends who wants to learn driving:)once again,THANK YOU VERY MUCH MR KAN!:)

    Sherry Xu

  125. Thankyou so much mr kan for helping me to pass my driving even when i thought i couldn't make it and is the worse student at driving! Just want to say that mr kan is really the most patient person and he will slowly guide you during the lessons and point out any mistakes you made! Even though i kept repeating many mistakes during lessons, but he never once scolded me and still slowly guide me and help me along the way by encouraging me and telling me that i can do it! Even though he has many students he will still remember which areas are your weak point and will help you to overcome it which is really good! Really happy to know mr kan and never regretted choosing him as my instructor! So grateful and thankful to mr kan for all the patience and lessons he spent teaching me in ensuring that i pass my driving! 谢谢你! (:

  126. Mr Kan is a great instructor with a wealth of teaching experience! despite my difficulties grasping the driving techniques, his unwavering patience and encouragement proved extremely useful. His sharpness and ability to correct my mistakes were critical in enabling me to pass the test on my first attempt! Thank you so much Mr Kan!

  127. Thank you Mr Kan l, my driving instructor at SSDC. I passed my practical test at first attempt!! I can't believe it!! Thanks Mr Kan his patience and his teaching. He is a very experience and he have taught me good technique driving. I will recommend to anyone who need a driving instructor. THANK YOU SO MUCH Mr Kan!


  128. Thank You Mr Kan, My driving Instructor at SSDC. I passed my practical test at first attempt. Mr Kan is very experience and patience instructor. Highly recommended to anyone who need a driving instructor.


  129. Mr.Kan is kind and patient , I passed my driving test on first attempt !!! Sure will recommend to all my friends !! Thank you x 100000 times

  130. Mr Kan is very precise with his teaching and knows how to prepare you well for the exam. So glad that I finally passed my driving test at Woodlands on the first attempt under his guidance!! Previously failed when I took at Ubi and only realised that I've yet to learn the proper skills when Mr Kan corrected me from scratch. Thanks so much Mr Kan!!!

  131. Managed to pass my driving test in the first attempt!! Really glad that Mr Kan had been a great help to me and would like to thank him a lot! Since I'm planning to study in Australia and would like to get my license before going, he accommodated to my request and planned the practices accordingly. Which was a great help as I learnt a lot through that. Despite constantly making the same mistakes over and over again, Mr Kan would always tell me and make sure I understand and not repeat it. He manages to pin point my weakness and this helped me a lot during the test! Thanks once again and I would definitely recommend you to my friends or family that need private driving lesson!! :)

  132. Passed my driving test on my first attempt under the guidance of Mr Kan. Definitely a very naggy instructor, but I guess it is all for the good of the student and constant reminders is essential to drill the correct concept into the brain. Thank you very much, Mr Kan.

  133. Thank you Mr.Kan!!! 🌷🌷🌷Can't believe it...... A very very big thank you to you! I could never imagine that I could pass my road test for the very first time! Exactly just several mins earlier. Thank you for all your education and patience and story sharing. I feel so lucky to have you as my Private driving instructor! Thank you thank you thank you! Please stay healthy and let more people could benefit from your lessons!💪💪💪
    Mr.Kan是一个很好的教练。耐心,友善,风趣而幽默,而且他工作真的很认真也很努力!选择他作为教练是一个很正确也很幸运的决定!真心推荐👍👍👍 希望大家都能一次就过。加油!⛽️⛽️

  134. Mr.Kan是个很好的教练,我从0基础到现在拿到驾照每一节课都是在Mr. Kan这里学的,一共学了8个多月,其中出国两次,每次两个礼拜,耽误了课程,考了三次,第一次撞上了路沿,加上一些小错误failed,第二次遇到行人太多,红绿灯路口等太久,被考官判作闯红灯,加上盲点check时机不准,被failed,Mr.Kan为了纠正我的错误,每次练习都耐心指导,严厉指正我的错误,要我加深印象,以免再犯,好事多磨,最后终于改过,拿到了pass。提醒接下来的学员,一定不要害怕批评,反而应该要求教练多提意见,及早发现问题,提高警惕,早早改正,以免考试的时候才暴露出来,就太晚了。学车的时候要跟教练多沟通,听取教练的意见针对问题练习,这样才有效果。祝好运!

  135. I was very fortunate to have found Mr Kan and learnt under him. His method of teaching was very systematic and his instructions were clear. Mr Kan was also very sharp and quick to correct my mistakes, ensuring that I learnt something and made progress every lesson. He was also very patient whenever I made the same mistakes again, always just repeating himself calmly, never losing his temper. I could also see for myself how I gradually gained confidence on the road and circuit, thanks to his close guidance. He was also very accommodative to my schedule, which is something I really appreciate. Even though I had quite limited time to get my license, Mr Kan assured me that we will have enough lessons to pass the test. Mr Kan is also not an instructor that charges excessively. Afraid that I will not have enough practice to pass the test, I asked if we needed more lessons but Mr Kan insisted that it was enough. He is indeed a very experienced and kind instructor. Thank you Mr Kan!

  136. Just passed the TP on my first try and it was all due to Mr Kan's patient yet strict teaching!! Although I kept making the same mistakes and still can't tell if the car is straight while parking, he did not tire of correcting me and teaching me how to avoid my mistakes. He was also very accomodating with my other commitments and worked with me around those commitments. He is a very experienced teacher who knows what the testers look out for, and guides his students well to avoid losing marks. Have recommended and would still recommend him to anyone who's in need of a driving instructor! Thank you so much Mr Kan!!

  137. Just passed my driving test on my first try under Mr Kan! Mr Kan is a patient instructor who constantly reminds me of what to take note of and what to look out for when driving. He is also very dedicated as he makes the effort to remember my weak points and areas where I make mistakes and gives me tips on how to correct them. I am very thankful for the useful tips he has imparted to me and I am so so happy I managed to pass on my first try under him! Thank you Mr Kan!! - Vera Quan

  138. Just passed my driving test on my first try under Mr Kan! Mr Kan is a patient instructor who constantly reminds me of what to take note of and what to look out for when driving. He is also very dedicated as he makes the effort to remember my weak points and areas where I make mistakes and gives me tips on how to correct them. I am very thankful for the useful tips he has imparted to me and I am so so happy I managed to pass on my first try under him! Thank you Mr Kan!! - Vera Quan

  139. Posting this testimonial very late but I thought I should get around to doing it. Mr Kan was a helpful and patient instructor who constantly points out areas for improvement so that it gets drilled into your head, which is a good thing. Passed my practical test on the first try, and this is even after striking curb early on due to my nervousness which got me 10 points right away! Still passed because of the good habits I learnt under Mr Kan so I did not get too many points after that. Would recommend!

  140. Thanks to Mr kan I know I'm a students who do everything in rush. without him I will not pass my tp in first attempt and he is a very patient instructor no matter how many error. I do wrong Mr kan always be there point out the mistakes for me . He is a proud instructor to me so thank you Mr kan.

  141. Just passed my TP earlier today! On my first attempt with 12 demerit points.

    I must really thank Mr Jeff Kan a lot for all his guidance and advises thus far. He was really really patient with me, and is a really professional instructor. He was reccomended by my sister's colleague, as her colleague's son passed under his guidance within one attempt. And the reviews were really good, honestly, I always thought of driving instructors as very vulgar or very beng type...BUT! Mr Kan turned out to be far from those as I imagined! No wonder he's one of singapore'a Top private driving instructor. I am thankful to be under him, and would strongly reccomend my friends and relatives if they are looking for a trusty PDI. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN MR KAN! (:

  142. I am a very slow learner and it take me very long to correct my mistake. Luckily, my sister intro me to Mr Kan. He is very patient but strict teacher. Nowadays where to find teacher like that!? He will not scream at me not matter how many times I repeated the mistake. This cause me to enjoy every lesson of his. Really very grateful to him who help me to pass in 1st attempt. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who wants to take 3A licence.

  143. Will totally recommend Mr Kan to anyone who's looking for a private driving instructor at Admiralty area!

    Thanks to Mr Kan's guidance, I managed to pass my TP on the first try. Very very knowledgeable in this area and would point out any mistakes and correct it and gives lots of good tips, especially when it comes to parking and navigating the crank course and s course. Helps a lot because one will tend to be nervous and blank out, and you'll be able to fall back on those tips and recite it in your heart as you park.

    Super super understanding too because of my work schedule and I forgot about the scheduled lessons twice and Mr Kan was very patient about it and told me to forget about it as I was super guilty about it.

    Thank you so much Mr Kan, and will put all the skills and tips that you've imparted to good use. Good luck to all future test takers too!


  144. Pass my driving first time under hes guidance! He may be strict but it will comes in very handy under several circumstances. He's good! Constantly know where's the mistake:)

  145. Mr Kan's a very patient, very thorough driving instructor. Despite being a very slow and stubborn student, he was very patient, remembered all my weak points and he teaches really well (parking was no biggie). Passed with v few points and it's all thanks to this very great teacher!

  146. Late testimonial. Very naggy when I keep forgetting what he said and keep making the same mistakes. But it is also thanks to the nagging that I did not make the same usual mistakes during the test lol! I had thought I would fail as during pre-test warm up, I am still making the same mistakes. However I passed with flying colours on 1st attempt, <10 points. The tips he gives for circuit are helpful, i only had about 4 circuit practices or so but passed with no issue. He also focus on my weakness and tries different ways to correct it.

    Thanks Mr Kan!

  147. I just passed my traffic police test in my first attempt. And I can't help writing something here for Mr Kan's help in the past 5 months.

    He is very experienced in preparing us for the future safe driving, highly focusing on coping the exam, but more than that, I must say.

    He has no any talking about the weather/toto or anything not related to the car lesson, in all my 30 lessons with him. So as long as he is talking, you must listen and act at the same time. I repeatedly made some mistakes which I found very hard to correct myself as if it was a bad habit with me; Mr Kan firstly taught me the correct technique, then patiently point out my mistakes in later stages, together with some tips and correction technique as well. So when I was being tested in the circuit, I completely focused myself on the testing point & finished all of them carefully, and when I was done there, from the tester's tone of voice, I knew that I had done well in the first half, and this greatly encouraged me to continue to concentrate on the 2nd part, and luckily I made it. It's all thanks to Mr Kan's patient guidance along the way! Thank you Mr Kan once again!

  148. Today I passed my TP at my very first attempt and I must give all credits to Mr Kan! What I really like about Mr Kan's teaching is that he will teach you all the important tactics to pass TP, that really minimised a lot of unnecessary mistakes. Throughout the learning journey, don't feel demoralised whenever Mr Kan is pointing out your mistake. Trust me that you will be very grateful for it once you passed your TP. Highly recommend Mr Kan as your Class 3A driving instructor!
    Thank you Mr Kan :)

  149. I pass my test with the help of Mr Kan. A good teacher who will guide and share you important lessons on how to pass the test and to be a good and safe driver. It's a pity i was not able to get him as my first teacher and that would save me a lot of money, time and effort. Thanks again Mr Kan.. he is one of the best.

  150. Passed on first try!!!! Very nervous but all the habits were drilled into my head with Mr Kan's patient instruction. Was great he would point out mistakes people always make so that I will be more conscious of them.

  151. I passed my test on my first attempt today!!

    Mr Kan will always correct your mistakes and give you tips to perfect your parking, etc. Very naggy but he gives good advice. Also very cute la he was cleaning his car before my TP test and I asked him whether it was because of my test, he said "ya la if not later tester bad mood see the car dirty not happy how?" hahaha

    Tips for people learning, write down ur mistakes for each lesson so you can look through it and try to avoid repeating them. Also, if you're not sure of his instructions, just ask him again.

    Thanks Mr Kan :-)

  152. Thank you for this helpful article it is a good share. I am very amazed by the information for Automatic Driving Lessons Birmingham of this blog and I am glad I had a look at the blog.

  153. I am an extremely slow learner. I was the person that failed my BTT afew times. However, i passed my TP is the first trial itself on May 31 2017. My Kan is reccommended. He actually teaches you step by step and books circuits for you to ensure you have enough practise! Im truley grateful for Mr Kan!

  154. Passed my TP today!! Mr Kan has always been very patient towards me even though i keep repeatedly make the same mistakes. After completing my TP, tester told me my driving was very good and i passed with 8 demerit points. Couldnt be more thankful to Mr Kan. Highly recommended instructor :)

  155. Mr Kan has been the most patient, jovial and encouraging driving instructor. Lessons with him are always rewarding and enjoyable, it's almost like having your dad teach you driving. Make sure you take down the useful pointers gleaned every lesson, because they go a long way to aceing your driving test and in real life scenarios. I trust his instincts, when he says you are ready, you are ready.Highly recommended!

  156. Have just passed my test on the 1st try under Mr Kan' s guidance!

    I feel that I'm a very slow learner but Mr Kan has been so patient with me. He has never shouted at me even when I made the same mistakes a few times in a row, but will simply tell me in a calm but firm tone, and allow me to practice again and again until I can do it correctly. He also gives clear tips and explanations and is always willing to take time to answer any additional questions I have.

    Thankful to have such an understanding and patient instructor like him and will definitely recommend him to any other people who is looking for a private instructor!

  157. Mr Kan was my instructor and his teachings, guidance and driving tips are certainly helpful and effective which aided me to pass my driving test well on my 1st try in Jul 2017. I highly recommend him, thanks again Mr Kan!

  158. Passed on my first try today!!! Despite being very nervous and even made mistakes during warm-up, Mr Kan has been very encouraging. He will constantly remind you of your bad habits like not checking blind spots. Whenever I had questions, he doesn't feel annoyed and explain to me patiently what should i be focusing and not worried about unnecessarily stuff. So thankful and grateful to Mr Kan :)

  159. I passed my driving test on my first try today!!! Mr Kan has been a really patient teacher who really does no nonsense like the others (e.g. talking about the weather, 4D etc). He will constantly remind you of your bad habits like forgetting to check blindspots, wide turning etc. I was really nervous today and even made mistake during warm-up. But Mr Kan was very encouraging, patiently explaining the test procedures and what to look out for. Thank you Mr Kan!!!

  160. 伤心......写了半个小时的评论才publish 就不见了!只能重新写。😩

    直到今天我都不敢相信自己已经成功拿到驾照!这是我第一次学车,在三位同事的强烈推荐下,我跟着Uncle Kan 学了10个月。其实一开始对于学车我是抱着怀疑自己的心态,因为从小就没有方向感,动手能力也比较差,甚至学到一半我差点就放弃了!但是我的三位同事们都在Uncle Kan教练的训练下顺利拿到驾照,并且他是新加坡考车通过率最高的教练,在做私人教练前也在驾校当了多年的教练,绝对经验丰富,因此我开始有信心。

    Uncle Kan 工作非常严格,对我经常犯的错误,他会不断强调指出并让我反思为何一直犯同一个错误。有时候他还会让我思考并找出解决方案,使得我对错误和解决方法更加印象深刻。Uncle Kan 不仅教练经验丰富,指导学生通过考试也很有自己的一套。比如如何做好考场里的项目,他也有很多方法教授给你,只要你跟着这些方法来做,基本上都可以很顺利地完成。

    第一次考试我因为对交通规则理解不透彻而失败告终,但第二次我便以扣8分的成绩拿到驾照,其中还有4分是根本不该扣的,因为那个考试项目我平时都是一次拿下,完全想不到考试当天会出问题。非常感谢Uncle Kan教练这10个月来的耐心教导和不放弃,我已经把你推荐给我的两个同事以及同事的朋友了,还会继续把你推荐给有需要的人,因为你实在太棒啦!


  161. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  162. Finally I'm here, writing this ever since I got my license 3 months back.

    Mr Kan was my instructor after converting from Class 3. Had a bad experience from my Class 3 instructor cos he's a little touchy.. But fred not! Mr Kan is definitely not like that. He is an awesome, great instructor. His patience level is very high, and will not reprimand you unless you really really did something seriously dangerous/wrong.

    I can get nervous easily, especially in heavy traffic conditions or during heavy rain. However, Mr Kan is very understanding and he managed to boost my confidence level overtime. He is strict because he knows what the TP examiners want and looking for. So do remember and listen attentively when he's giving you all the tips!!

    I didn't managed to pass my driving during the first attempt (not his fault) because I literally freaked out during the test day. When Mr Kan heard about this, he pointed out all my common mistakes and reminded me constantly not to commit these bad habits again before the next test.

    To sum it up, I would not hesitate at all and strongly recommend Mr Kan as your driving instructor!!

  163. Mr Kan was a very patient instructor and constantly reminded my of the steps (checking mirrors, blindspots etc) even though I kept forgetting. He also made sure to schedule more circuit lessons nearing my TP to ensure that I had enough practice and confidence for the test.

    He pointed out that my biggest problem was driving too fast and not knowing how to "time" my actions, which helped me understand why I kept making mistakes.

    He was also very understanding, didn't scold harshly even when making mistakes, and took the time to slowly explain the techniques for circuit, parking and U-turns.

    Thoroughly enjoyed learning from him, highly recommended!

  164. Very good instructor and very patient with me. And whenever I need help he will be there to help, strongly recommend him as an instructor.

  165. If you want to pass first time, I highly reccommend Mr Kan. i went in the test extremely prepared and the test felt really easy haha. This can happen only when you have a good instructor like Mr kan.

  166. Thank you Mr Kan! I passed on the first attempt with 4 points :)

    Mr Kan is very detailed and meticulous and always very hard working. He makes the effort to point out my mistake and correct me. He also gives super advise on the drills like the various tips and tricks!

    Will definitely recommend him to my friends!

  167. A very patient instructor with good and clear advice when it comes to turning left/right.

    He will scold you, but hey that's where you learn. You can never learn without getting scolded, he was patient throughout the time, punctual when it comes to lesson.

    I strongly suggest anyone, that is intending to take up license to get Mr kan as your private driving instructor. I passed on first try with just 10 lessons.

    I wish you best of health Mr kan. May you bring success to the future students too!

  168. I just passed my driving today with 8 demerit points. Took me longer than normal people because I'm a slow learner and I lack confidence in driving, but, Mr Kan is always nice and patient when teaching me. Great driving instructor that I would recommend :)

  169. I highly recommend Mr Kan, if you are looking for a private driving instructor to get your license quickly and surely.
    Mr Kan not only lets you know what you need to do to pass the driving test, but also what to do to be a competent driver on the road - which are not always synonymous all the time.
    In particular, for me, he repeatedly drilled into me the quality of being a patient driver. Although it took me many weeks to change my impatient driving habits, he never gave up on me and constantly just kept nagging at me to slow down, give way, etc.
    I believe his patience and quality teaching was what enabled me to get my driving license within 5 months and on my first attempt. (I believe it could have been faster than 5 months if not for my busy schedule)
    I will miss lessons with Mr Kan very dearly!

  170. I passed on my 1st attempt under Mr Kan’s strict guidance. Although Mr Kan can be very naggy and strict during lessons but he is really a professional instructor. He would really go the extra miles to take note and constantly remind me of the common mistakes I’ve made. Mr Kan may be strict during lessons but after class, you can always see him in wide smiles.

    During one of my driving class, he chanced upon his ex-student at the traffic light. He waved and even smiled at the student. Then he told me: “That’s my ex-student.” Haha this shows he remembers his students.

    Before I went to take my test, Mr Kan would make the extra effort to really recap all the important pointers to me. Instantly, I felt so touched. Although he can be strict but he is also a very fatherly figure.

    Thank you Mr Kan! Wishing you good health and happiness always. I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues and friends.